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a generic scientific graphics viewer.
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1. Introduction

XY-Viewer is a Java application that displays generic x-y plots described in a dedicated XML based format.

2. Data format

The description of the XML grammar used as data format is available here. Any tool should be able to generate this quite generic format.

2. Getting and running the application

The application can be launched through Java WebStart on any Java v1.4+ enabled computer. You can always get the latest version of the Java Virtual machine for free from Oracle.

The Batik library requires some specific accesses on configuration details on the running computer, and hence requires XY-Viewer to run with full privileges on your computer, as will be requested when you launch the application.

If you have a properly installed Java v1.4+ version of the Virtual Machine, then you can launch XY-Viewer by clicking on .

All required files (ca. 10Mb) will be downloaded and installed on your computer. You will then be requested to accept full privileges for the application before it can be run. The application should be easy to use from that point on.

Once it has been installed via Java WebStart, the application can be started through the webstart tool that has been installed by the Virtual Machine, or by clicking on the above link again. If the application has been updated, then the latest version will be downloaded and installed, else the version available on your computer will be run.


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